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reFramed: In conversation with Marta Iwanek
  • Marta Iwanek

reFramed: In conversation with Marta Iwanek

Posted On: 4:00 a.m. | August 10, 2016

Marta Iwanek is a photographer who was born among the tight-knit Ukrainian diaspora community in Toronto, Canada. Her work looks at identity among displaced communities with a focus on family and how we care for one another. Born to parents who were immigrants to Canada, community has played a strong role in her life. View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with Gerd Ludwig
  • Gerd Ludwig / INSTITUTE

reFramed: In conversation with Gerd Ludwig

Posted On: 4:00 a.m. | February 5, 2016

"Searching for a subject to photograph, I was struck by a simple question a visiting writer asked me years ago while we were stuck in one of LA’s famous traffic jams. 'I wonder where all these cars go to rest at night.' I realized, here was my new goal – photograph these resting cars. It also suits my nature - I am a night owl. In what Kafka called his most productive hours, when dream and... View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with Lev Rukhin
  • Lev Rukhin

reFramed: In conversation with Lev Rukhin

Posted On: 3:00 a.m. | September 3, 2015

The series began by setting the camera on a tripod in the backseat with a 14mm lens facing out the passenger side. It was wired up with a cheap remote control system, with the trigger taped to the steering wheel. I kicked the ISO up way high to allow for deep depth of field, thereby barely having to slow down to rattle-off a series of shots of a ‘story’ as I passed a visual... View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with Steve Schapiro
  • Steve Schapiro

reFramed: In conversation with Steve Schapiro

Posted On: 11:05 a.m. | May 14, 2015

"One of the most amazing discoveries I found, was a single frame image, tucked away inconspicuously on an old contact sheet. It is a panoramic image of Dr. King, with his aides, Andrew Young, Dr. Ralph Abernathy and John Lewis at the head of the Selma March, all deep in their own thoughts and not posing for pictures." View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with Stephen Somerstein
  • Stephen Somerstein

reFramed: In conversation with Stephen Somerstein

Posted On: 11:21 a.m. | May 13, 2015

On March 7, 1965, we were following the television news reports of the violent beatings of John Lewis, Hosea Williams and 600 marchers as they attempted to peacefully march from Selma to the Alabama state capital in Montgomery to protest the inability of blacks to register to vote. This public attack by the police on nonviolent demonstrators really shocked me. Within a short time I heard that... View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with Ed Kashi | “Smile! A photo anthology by VII
  • Marcus Bleasdale / VII / VII

reFramed: In conversation with Ed Kashi | “Smile! A photo anthology by VII

Posted On: 1:05 p.m. | May 7, 2015

Pride powers a smile, power emboldens a smile, we smile to seduce or be seduced. But we also smile when we lie, when we’re scared or anxious. In fact, just one variant of the 18 different smiles recognizes enjoyment, and it’s this universal variant that unites us as human beings. This anthology explores how a seemingly simple action manifests in our world; from the most depressing, violent,... View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with Kathryn Cook
  • Kathryn Cook

reFramed: In conversation with Kathryn Cook

Posted On: 1:20 p.m. | April 21, 2015

Kathryn Cook grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and graduated from the Colorado University at Boulder in December 2001. Her professional career began with the Associated Press in Panama in 2003, and in 2005 she left to pursue personal projects and a freelance career in South America. View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with Matt Black
  • Matt Black

reFramed: In conversation with Matt Black

Posted On: 5:00 a.m. | December 2, 2014

Matt Black is an award-winning photographer from California’s Central Valley. His work explores themes of migration, farming and the environment in his native rural California and in southern Mexico. View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with David Magnusson

reFramed: In conversation with David Magnusson

Posted On: 5:00 a.m. | August 26, 2014

A purity ball is a ceremony where young girls promise to “live pure lives before God,” and to remain virgins until marriage. In return, their fathers sign a commitment promising to protect their daughters’ chastity. Sometimes rings are exchanged as a symbol of their vows. The ceremonies differ depending on the organizers, but many of them are held at formal locations like in hotels or... View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with Jennifer Loeber
  • Jennifer Loeber

reFramed: In conversation with Jennifer Loeber

Posted On: 5:00 a.m. | July 21, 2014

Sifting through decades of family photos for a slideshow at my mom's memorial service, combined with helping my dad clean out her closet, planted the original seed of an idea. I'm already nostalgic under the happiest of circumstances, so dealing with a parent's death ratcheted that impulse way up. I kept bags and bags of her possessions without knowing what I was going to do with them in my... View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with Phil Stern
  • Phil Stern

reFramed: In conversation with Phil Stern

Posted On: 3:00 a.m. | April 28, 2014

Stern’s straightforward approach and charming demeanor earned him all-access to President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural gala, studio mogul Sam Goldwyn’s inner sanctum, on-set lunches with Frank Sinatra, and holidays in Acapulco with John Wayne and Gary Cooper. Stern photographed on over 100 movie sets, including the legendary films “Citizen Kane,” “A Star Is Born,” “The Wild... View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with Manjari Sharma
  • Manjari Sharma

reFramed: In conversation with Manjari Sharma

Posted On: 5:00 a.m. | March 27, 2014

Manjari Sharma is an internationally published, widely exhibited fine art photographer with artwork rooted in the study of personal mythology, representation and experience. Sharma was born and raised in Mumbai, India, where she was recognized for her photographs through multiple awards and went on to work for a national news daily, the Times of India. Encouraged by her accolades, Sharma went... View Post»

reframed | William Albert Allard
  • William Albert Allard

reFramed: In conversation with William Albert Allard

Posted On: 12:53 p.m. | February 12, 2014

William Albert Allard has contributed to National Geographic Society magazine stories and books as a photographer and writer since 1964. Considered one of color photography's most celebrated pioneers, Allard is a former contributor to Magnum Photos and his prints appear in private and museum collections. View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with Mariella Furrer
  • Mariella Furrer

reFramed: In conversation with Mariella Furrer

Posted On: 5:00 a.m. | January 6, 2014

"When I was about 5 years old, I was sexually abused by a stranger. I don’t think at that age I really understood what it was that had happened to me, but somehow I knew it was wrong, and I felt to blame for letting the man touch me. The molestation could not have lasted more than a couple of minutes, but the incident affected my life in ways that are difficult to articulate." Photographer... View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with Ji Yeo
  • Ji Yeo

reFramed: In conversation with Ji Yeo

Posted On: 5:00 a.m. | November 22, 2013

Ji Yeo is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She received her MFA in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design, her BFA in Visual Communication from National University, Seoul, Korea, and a certificate in General Studies from the International Center of Photography. Select awards include RISD’s Presidential Scholarship and Henry Wolf Scholarship. Her work is held in the collections of... View Post»

reFramed: In conversation with Nick Brandt
  • Nick Brandt

reFramed: In conversation with Nick Brandt

Posted On: 4:00 a.m. | October 21, 2013

Nick Brandt photographs exclusively in Africa, where since 2001 he has been working on a last testament to wild animals and wild places. The first two volumes of the trilogy were recently combined and published together as “On This Earth, A Shadow Falls.” Brandt’s work has been widely exhibited in the United States and Europe. In 2010, he founded Big Life Foundation to help preserve... View Post»


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